When you put together one of the prettiest Denver locations with one of the nicest Legend senior girls – magic happens. Bailey asked to have her pictures taken at The Hudson Gardens in Littleton and walking around that gorgeous place for 2 hours with Bailey grabbing the perfect light at the right angle to show off her dress or her laughter or bubbles was so much fun. She also asked for a hair and make-up artist. I work with a few local hair and make-up artists that provide a natural look but yet glamorous at the same time. Alli B. who is from Parker worked with Bailey on the style she wanted and she looks awesome! Check out her session.

And note – the top image with her standing around the trees – this was a panoramic image composed of over 20 images! This was a favorite of her’s that we made into a 10×20 print!

BLancaster-003 web

BLancaster-007 web

BLancaster-008 web

BLancaster-014 web

BLancaster-016 web

BLancaster-017 web

BLancaster-020 web