I’m really excited to be sharing this session (and others of this style) now! It’s been talked about in email newsletters, and teasers on Facebook but now I can finally launch Be·YOU-tiful and share a few sessions with you. Be·YOU-tiful has gone through a few name changes; Beautify, Modern Beauty but it all remains the same – YOU being Beautiful. YOUR inner beauty. Be·YOU-tiful. It’s you. It’s very natural and it’s glamorous. Who wouldn’t want to be treated like a super star for a few hours and be pampered with delicious treats, a make up artist and then a stylish session? We all would! I offer that.

Last year I brought in all the required materials and tested it on my great friend Diane. Then I moved studios, became busy with the Senior season and focused on them and then in November I decided to go through the session again, including hair and make-up and brought Amanda in.

Amanda is a good friend of mine, we don’t see each other often enough but when we do, we are basically trouble with a capital T. When I asked her to be my first testing model for 2015 with Be·YOU-tiful she instantly said yes and then told me “I don’t wear make-up”. I told her that was ok, this would be a natural look that you wouldn’t really look like you had make-up on. She warned me that she normally wore her hair up all the time. I told her that was ok – natural look. All natural. I gave her suggestions on what to bring for her session, and brought some of my own items that I’m building for the Be·YOU-tiful Closet (statement jewelry, clothes). Then Brittany, one of 2 make-up artists that I work with came in and talked with Amanda on what look she would like to have regarding eyes, lips and hair and styled her gorgeous!!!

With a space no bigger then 48 inches by 48 inches in a v-shape that doesn’t seem possible to shoot in, with movable sets in different colors and using all natural light from the windows, I posed Amanda and we talked and we laughed. After all was said and done, a few weeks later she came back in to see her session and I’m excited to show you – her favorites (and mine) from her session…

Meet Be·YOU-tiful Amanda

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AmandaP-4 copy

AmandaP-5 copy

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AmandaP-13 copy

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