When I have the chance to go to school events and photograph either a football game, band event or to watch a performance; there is always a few students that stand out. You know the ones, either leaders or having a funny character about themselves and I can’t help but want to know more about them and most of the time I hope they select me as their Senior Photographer when it’s their time. I was more than thrilled that Jill wanted me as her Senior Photographer and her mom purchased one of my sessions through the Legend High School Silent Auction as she was one of those stand out amazing kids I have watched over the past few years in the Legend Titan Marching Band (she plays the Tuba!). Poised, confident and a witty sense humor (Again… she plays the tuba!! How cool is that?!) I knew we would hit it off together.

We had a per-consult (which I totally recommend) where she brought in the cutest outfits for us to review and we discussed what she wanted from her sessions. She was so detailed, she had a list of questions for me and that meant she had done her homework and wanted to make sure I got the best of her.

Her session did have some rain, but we ‘weathered’ through it and you tell me… how amazing is her session? Oh… and the numbers 2016? HER IDEA! BRILLIANT!!! A big thank you to the Pace Center… gorgeous little areas to capture some amazing work of Jill. Don’t miss the composite of her on the big wall!

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