This was one of my favorite sessions over the 2015 Summer. When a good friend called and asked that I photograph her son and his 2 best friends since elementary age, I knew the group shots would be amazing. What I didn’t expect was the weather to drop 30 degrees in early August and be one of the coldest nights of the summer! Losing light fast, and trying to keep 3 guys looking “cool” in the cool way and not the cold way was a challenge for all of us because I was right there with them…cold! But Kendrick, Niko and Andrew made it look natural and we had fun. Listening to these guys talk about places they have been, growing up together was a great experience. The boys all go to different schools now, Kendrick attends Chaparral High School, but their parents all being good friends for such a long time do a lot of events together which keep the boys still hanging out with each other after all these years. You’ll see Niko and Andrew’s sessions later – but here is Kendrick’s session:

KPeterson-002 copy

KPeterson-010 copy


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