This is what happens when you work with a senior you really don’t know that well. Yet we had a blast with their session and would like to photograph more of this senior, but when he comes in to see his images after the session and tells you that you spelled his name wrong, the horror on my face and the laughter from him because it’s 2 letters – meet JP. When a senior jokes with me like that, that speaks volumes that he enjoyed his session, his pictures and that he can relax around me to joke with. I love working with seniors like JP. Trust me, I will get a little revenge on him for scaring that I spelled his name wrong!

He participates in the Legend Titan Marching Band, (Tuba! Tuba! Tuba!), plays for the Legend Hockey team, loves to ski and is really this all laid back, cool guy. I know I’ll mess this up – but he drives a 1971 Chevy Malibu – classy in my book all the way. Most of the other seniors I worked with this year when telling them who I have photographed say that JP is one of the nicest guys to hang out with.

Say hello to JP – Senior.

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