When I’m not working a full time as a web designer, or working on a few other side websites, or photographing fabulous seniors, their families and now some glamour – I do try to get out of my comfort zone and learn new techniques, poses and lighting with my photography. I belong to some national groups that are the industry best for training and I also belong to a few local groups where one in particular, if I can make it – I go out for dinner with other photographers so we can just gab for the night. This particular group held a night photography workshop back in August where I got the chance to go to the Villa Parker, a beautiful place that caters to events such as weddings and try my hand at different lighting styles as the night got darker. I with about 40 other photographers would work for about 45 minutes with the leader who explained their lighting set up, how they used it, when they use it, etc. and then let us work with models who were on hand for us to photograph, using their lighting set up. Then we would move to another light setup and learn all that we could with their particular set up. How to control the light, work with the light, etc. Anything from one light on the side, flashes on our cameras and an ice light.

In some of the groups, I listened; soaked up all I could and watched. Trying to figure out how I could implement this into my style of photographing of teens. I know this coming 2017 Senior year I want to get some night shots and the great thing is I have some willing and helpful seniors lined up to help!

The one light set up you’ll see that I fell in love with is the Ice Light. Think of a light saber from Star Wars and that is what I was dealing with. The light could be hand held, which it was for most of the night by all of us taking turns holding it, directing the light on the subject. Opening up the beam or lowering the beam to control how much light fell onto the model – and I was in love.

Take a look at my night workshop images – I even posted a few behind the scenes so you can see other photographers working with models and the ice light I’m so in love with!

BettiesNight15-1 copy