I love Senior referrals and this year it really was one mom talking to another mom who talked to another mom who talked to another mom. Christopher was a referral from 2016 Chaparral Senior Kendrick, who also went to school with 2016 Chaparral Senior Andrew, boys that went to elementary school and grew up playing sports together.

Christopher is into digital film and computer art and design, things that I could relate to so it was great to talk with him during his session and understand what he wants to do with his career in life and offer little bits of advice to him. I also liked that he picked his session location, that he scouted it out and we were able to make his session unique for him. A rusted out train car made a great back drop for his session and then trying another location close by that I had been wanting to check out gave us some nice nature images to round out his senior pictures.

CAlmquist-001 copy

CAlmquist-004bw copy

CAlmquist-005art copy

CAlmquist-006 copy

CAlmquist-011 copy