I can’t even explain how much I am loving my Be·YOU-tiful Mother & Daughter Sessions. When we all come in with some nervous and end up laughing, smiling and joyful crying at the end, it is a few hours of a crazy energy that fits for all of us. Making sense? Probably not, but with Kathryn and Olivia it made perfect sense.

During the off season of Seniors, I have been building my portfolio on the Be·YOU-tiful Sessions. Be·YOU-tiful Sessions are a natural glamour look in a natural light setting and can be just you, or with a best friend(s) but I love the Mother & Daughter and Generations sessions. This is where I see love come out. Touching moments between mom and her children.

Kathryn is a long time friend of mine and we are in a book club together. She is always so giving and thinking of others before she thinks of herself. A fiery red-head, she tells you as it is in such a polite way that you can’t tell her no or fight her. I just love her! Olivia, her daughter who also attended the book club is this girl / woman so wise beyond her years, she has the most sparkly eyes when she she talked about books and life and has this contagious laugh (much like her moms) I knew I wanted to photograph her. Then she told us one night that she was going over seas to teach English to school children that I knew I wanted to photograph both of them before she left. Added bonus, Kathryn’s son Alex (2013 Legend Senior) who happens to be my son’s best friend and current room-mate would be able to show up for a few minutes and I would be able to get a family portrait of all 3.

With hair and make-up done by Ally-B, a little champagne and in my tiny studio we went with a winter styled shoot (it was cold and no heat in the building). While one of these beautiful ladies was in the hot seat with Ally I was photographing the other. Then before a set change I would photograph them both for a few quick shots. Near the end, Alex showed up for 10 minutes and it was just magic. Grab a tissue and look at just a few of my favorites…

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