I won’t embarrass this teen too much – I’m pretty sure when I updated the website this past year I removed some very old, beginning sessions and Maddie and her brother Cole would have been featured about the time she was in 1st grade… that just put me in my spot about how old I am…

So when this teen came to me asking for some head-shots for her campaign to run for President at her school and I said yes, and then she showed up driving a car – I really felt old. Really old. You might get the idea that I’m fighting the aging thing. I am. A lot. Thanks Maddie for growing up, you weren’t supposed to!

It was fun getting all caught up with Maddie and what she’s been doing these past few years, trying to get over that she was driving, getting ready for prom, looking at colleges and though not quite a senior yet – she’s ready for it.

We couldn’t do all head-shots and not have some fun so what do you do when you have some snow? Treat it like confetti!

Take a look at our 1st “Teen Session”:

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MHeiken-2 copy

MHeiken-4 copy

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MHeiken-15 copy