I love when a new senior asks for session locations, props and poses of previous seniors that I have photographed. This means to me that I’m doing fun, future favorite sessions that other seniors will ask for. Once the request is made for something I have done before I then try to do a few things different so that this senior has their own special experience with what they asked for and it becomes unique to them. Chaparral Senior Haley asked for a sunflower field for her senior pictures that she had seen me do a year ago with another senior. With a little searching in the Denver area and again fighting some oncoming rain (the dark skies made a perfect backdrop!) we were able to get some AH-MAZ-ING sunflowers in her session.

Side Note: When we go to these places, I always make sure that we are not stepping on anything that will ruin the life of a plant – and that if possible I will try to keep the senior close to the road or on the trail so that no damage is done to our surroundings. We were lucky to find a very open area that allowed to pose Haley as if she was in the fields and she stepped in between the rows of sunflowers for a few shots. I say this as some photographers will break all rules which in return puts those of us who follow the rules into spots where we can’t shoot at certain locations now or have to pay $25 to $500 permits at particular locations so that we will obey the guidelines. My goal is to keep my senior safe but to have an experience they will not forget with their senior pictures.

With Haley… we got GORGEOUS! Haley with her mega-watt smile and “lets do it” attitude – allowed me to put her in water, in wheatfields and then her request, a sunflower field!