I’m excited to showcase this Senior Session – Alex is one of 2 seniors that I photographed around downtown Denver. Wanting something a little different and Denver as a part of her images, with a game plan in place – Alex and I went to a few key spots for her senior session. But we also started off in Parker as I still was nursing an ankle injury that some of her senior pictures were in Parker first and then a few months later we were in Denver. What I love about her Denver session is that it happened to be the day of a big marathon race. I tried with both Denver sessions to go early in the morning, where there would not be a lot of traffic, we could go to a spot get a few shots and then move on. I had my permit, I had checked with Denver where I could go and couldn’t go (all photographers have to do this in Denver) but I hadn’t planned on the marathon until the last minute and for the most part we went around it so we would not get stuck in traffic or be off limits to anything.

Until we got to the garage.

I thought it would be cool for something different to get a photo of Alex with the Denver skyline from the top of one of the parking garages. Zip up real quick, get a few shots, zip down and move on. The zip up was fast and really quick, 3 shots and then we were out of here. The zip down though… everyone else was leaving the marathon and had parked there too… we spent 45 minutes in my car with other cars lined up to leave as well. I got to know Alex really quick in those 45 minutes! But we had fun and she has memories of her session to last her a life time.

Where did we go? A lot of places are off limits in Denver so we had to go to places we were allowed to or could get to the edge without getting in trouble – we got it. We were in the Rhino District in alley’s with graffiti (allowed and has beautiful artwork), Cheeseman Park (allowed), 16th Street Mall (and a few alley’s) and a rooftop parking garage.
Take a look at Alex’s 2017 Senior pictures: