I love this family. L.O.V.E. Love! This is 2016 Legend Senior JP’s family session. Just days before he headed off to college we met up on a beautiful August evening and the images you are about to see are amazing! The awesomeness about this family that sister Allison, a 2017 Senior became one of my models for this year and when we were talking I mentioned I was looking for an assistant and she readily jumped for the task. She’s been to many of my sessions this year which was more helpful then expected as I had that tricky ankle injury and really needed her. Her session will be posted in a few weeks.

This family is just the coolest ever. Everyone was up to trying something different so as idea’s came, everyone was willing to try it and see if it worked. JP asked for the “tree shot” as you’ll see in the photos and I can’t remember who said “water” which started off with JP and Allison and then Mom and Dad joining at the end. You can’t get a cooler family than that who will wade out into water with their nice clothes on!

Love Love L.O.V.E… the Pankoff’s