Any chance I get to have some fun in the studio I will take it. I am continually learning about studio light photography so having a beautiful smile and energetic person in front of the lens who is willing to let me try some cool new studio lighting makes it all the more fun! Every year I like to feature someone on my Facebook page for an upcoming holiday. Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s has been focused on for a few years. This year I will be adding 4th of July and Halloween!

But this update is about my Valentine Abigayle! I wanted to work with an upcoming Senior and learn more about her. She’s a part of the Legend Titan Band, her older brother Andrew was a fomer senior of mine and I just love her mom Lynelle to pieces! (See the family resemblance?!?! STUNNING!) She came into the studio all full of smiles, I gave her some fun props and she instantly became my Valentine! I’m excited to work with her again later this year and I’m sure you’ll see here a few more times through out her Senior year! I’m so in love that she was my Valentine for 2017!!