The Class of 2017 is almost wrapped up… and I have another prop session to share. How many people do you know who own a unicycle and can ride it? I know of one! Legend High School Senior Grayson brought his trumpet and his UNICYCLE. How. Cool. Is. That?! He said that he actually owns 2 and one was a little taller then the one he brought but I was pretty much in awe because I have no balance and he was doing circles around me!

Grayson is also a part of the Legend Titan Marching Band and Jazz band. I have seen him perform since he was in 8th grade as my own children were in the program and to it’s been fun to watch him grow up. He’s the younger brother to 2014 Legend Senior Zach and both of them will be attending the same college in the fall (a mom’s dream!) What even made us all giggle more, when looking at Grayson’s senior session, he pointed out that he’s wearing the exact same Pink Floyd shirt that his brother wore to his senior session. One shirt that has weathered time and is still endless cool.

Check out Grayson’s sesssion –