My chance to have more fun in the studio happened a month ago! Another favorite holiday for fun props is St. Patrick’s day and I have had some fun seniors help me celebrate the day! 

Meet Kendall – another amazing upcoming Senior which I got to spend some time with and learn more about her. She’s attends Chaparral High School, on the tennis team and already has a killer dress for prom! Her older brother Kendrick is a previous senior of mine and I just wait to work with Kendall more! She rocked the session with her gorgeous eyes and beautiful smile, and just took over with the props I gave to have fun with! I’m excited to work with her again later this year and I’m sure you’ll see here a few more times through out her Senior year! I’m so in love that she was my St. Patrick’s Gal for 2017!!

Located in Parker and serving the Denver and Colorado Springs, CO areas with a specialization in custom portraits for high school seniors and modern glamour photography. Favorite things? Coca-Cola and Doritos. Bring those along to our next session and we’ll be best friends for ever!