A few more senior sessions to post for 2017 and we are kicking it off with Maddie! A 2017 Legend Senior who is also in the Legend Titan Marching Band and participates in the Battlalion Drum & Bugle Corps in Salt Lake City, Utah. For those that don’t know what a Drum & Bugle Corp is – A drum and bugle corps, also known as a drum corps, is a musical marching unit (similar to a marching band) that consists of brass, percussion, and color guard. Often referred to as “marching music’s major league”. For Maddie, she travels to Utah once a month practicing with her corp team, which consists of other students from schools around the US and then during the summer they will go on the road and travel around the US performing their show and competing against other Drum & Bugle Corp teams. It takes Marching Band to a whole other level! Maddie is the first from Legend High School to participate in this program so getting together for her senior session was no small task as she was traveling a lot last summer!

If you are interested in seeing the Battalion perform this year – we are in luck! They will be at the Drums Along the Rockies (http://ascendperformingarts.org/events/datr/)- July 15, 2017 this summer. This is a fun event for anyone who loves to listen to some great music from young adults while marching on the field. The attention to detail is just amazing.

So check out this Legend / Battalion – tuba playing Senior session… Maddie