When the seniors bring on the props – I incorporate as much as I can with the props they bring because most of the time the props is a part of the Senior’s life. Take 2017 Legend Senior Seth. A guy who has a love for music (participated with the Legend Titan Marching band and Redwood Marching Band in California before moving to CO) and knows how to play at least 4 different instruments and has a love for the snow. So bringing his snowboard and his instruments we got them all in and had some fun with them.

Seth is one of my first ‘guy’ Season sessions – we took a few shots early in the summer for his yearbook and waited for snow so we could get some snow shots with his board. That almost became impossible as I explain to Seniors and parents there are 2 types of snow… pretty snow; light, airy, not too cold – PERFECT! and ugly snow; wet, pelting down on you, can’t see a thing and really cold – NOT GREAT! Getting the right time and day for Pretty Snow is not easy, so just as we were about to call it in March and fake the snow, Denver’s seasons graced us with some snow and we were able to get outdoors in nice weather before it melted within a day type of snow and wrap up his senior session!

Take a look at his session and all his instruments!