Here we go! The class of 2018 is now on deck and I have some really amazing seniors that I’m working with this year! They have all brought some mad props, gorgeous smiles, some of the coolest clothes I have ever seen and it just so much fun being out with them! I changed up a lot of things this year, started booking earlier in the summer and my tag line for band students was “pre-band, pre band-tan”! Having some of the band kids before they get the 8 hours / 5 days a week band tan (burn) was a push for me!

Haley is one of those amazing band students who wanted to start off early in June! She has been performing with the Legend Titan Marching Band Color-Guard for 3 years and she brought her favorite guard props to her session. I knew she also performed with the choir but did not she was also in the Spanish National Honor Society. This girl keeps busy! We talked college, she’s visiting the schools right now but her plan is to major in Elementary Education with Teaching License and minor in Spanish.

At her session – she brought some cool clothes, boots and she loved her truck (love a girl with a truck!) and I asked for her favorite part of her session: “I got to play. I got the opportunity to really just model and have fun with each picture. I accessed my inner country side with my session and a more elegant side while in the studio so all my pictures so both sides of who I am. I loved how we all could just laugh at the people walking by or a really bad shot that happened by accident.”

She rocked it. All the seniors are receiving a one hour outdoor session and one hour indoor session at my new studio in Centennial. The indoor I’m really trying creative things and one photo I’ve been trying out is what I call “old school” each senior does it a little different – but when you see it… you’ll understand it… and the seniors I’ve been showing it to in the reviews are LOVING IT!

Say “WOW” to Haley’s Session!