A few months ago I moved studios. Again? You ask… I’m still trying to find the right niche for me. I loved where I was in the Inverness area but due to not fully working a year as a photographer I had to look at costs. I did like being on my own when I was in Parker. To come and go as I pleased, leave the place a mess when I was done for the day and clean it up a day later and not the day of for the next photographer was nice. But with your own space came with limitations; small spaces… no-control of air (cold or heat) and again costs. So the look started again and I thought for awhile I might work out of my home and have clients meet me there. Then The Studio was announced it was coming soon to Englewood, basically a co-op for many photographers with a shared calendar. It opened in May and as of now I think they are up to 20 photographers sharing the space. Scary when thinking about space time but for the most part working with your schedule, mine and the Studio calendar has been working out ok.

So with a new space came to shooting with a different lighting set up so before I started bringing in my 2018 Seniors for studio sessions I wanted to see how my lighting would be with some models. I had been working with one of the newspaper staff with Legend High School for my ad in their paper, she’s now a Junior at Legend and I thought she would be perfect to come in and let me try some lighting. I then offered it to her to bring a friend and she brought her bestie… say hello to Miranda and Evelyn, Legend High School 2018 Juniors. We had fun with their mini session, using the 2 backdrops (black & white) and letting the girls be themselves. I was figuring out my lighting.

Take a look at their session – a few favorites of each girl that I love… and I have posted a few photos of the new studio… it’s pretty dreamy!

Sitting area – parents normally sit here while the senior and I are in Studio A
Studio A – Natural light and studio lights are gorgeous here
Studio B – small intimate studio with natural light, bed for boudoir photographers.
Office Space A – Client Review area / Meeting Space

Located in Parker and serving the Denver and Colorado Springs, CO areas with a specialization in custom portraits for high school seniors and modern glamour photography. Favorite things? Coca-Cola and Doritos. Bring those along to our next session and we’ll be best friends for ever!