What I love about photography is that you can be inspired by another photographer and then if I have a willing client, I can try the same pose, maybe the same lighting but I can tweak it up enough that it becomes my shot.

When former Legend Senior Andrew D. asked for some headshots for college to be used with his jazz performances, I was not only “Heck yes!” but “are you willing to try something out for me?” Andrew knew that I would make him look great. I knew that doing some classic headshots with him and his saxophones (yes… LOTS of saxophones) and then trying what I call ‘edgy’ posing – that not only I would love to share but that he would too… the end result? A favorite image of his and mine and everyone else that knows him pretty much named “the future album cover”. That gives you an idea that Andrew is going places with his music and I hit the mark with the edgy shot.

Headshots don’t have to be the traditional look of standing and arms crossed. Headshots are meant to convey who you are at your best.

Andrew’s Headshots: