So I thought I would shake things up this round. This is the first of a triplet session I photographed this year. Then let’s also mention that I photographed 2 sets of triplets this year – wow… I thought that was pretty cool. To top it all off… they are all in band too! So if you think I had fun with 2 sets of triplets, I can only imagine how the band director handles them all!

I am featuring each triplet Senior separately. Give them their own spot light. Each senior, triplet or not has their own uniqueness and I love to show that in their images. So Isabelle, being the oldest of this set is up first! She’s been participating with the Legend High School Marching Band with the Colorguard for the past few years. Seeing her and her sister’s from afar over the years and then actually working with them, I could see each girl’s personality, Isabelle is the oldest and you can just see that trait come through her.

When photographing them all at the same time, I made sure they each had a favorite spot to focus on so they could own that look. I also took pictures of the sister’s in the same area but I worked with them to have matching sets for ordering later but at the same time have different looks about their photos. It was a lot of work but so much fun. Isabelle liked best going in the water and being in the studio.

Now the studio – ohhhhhhh the studio session. Normally I do a lot of black and white photos but all the girls brought in traditional dresses in beautiful colors that when photographed against the dark backdrop, their images POPPED with color. STUNNING!

So I have excited you with photos from her session… check her out – Isabelle: