I’m changing things up on Sunday’s with the SusanBaggett website – and I hope you will enjoy seeing a bit more of me. Why? Well – it goes like this… my daughter Jennifer is dating this great guy named Andrew. Andrew is currently enrolled at the University of South Dakota (YEP! Another COYOTE!) His degree is Sports Marketing with a minor in Social Media Marketing and right now he’s interning for ‘The Sound of USD’ the college band. It requires social media updating, research on what the band and the college has done in the past and taking photos… and video!

So last Sunday Andrew sent me a link to a 52 week challenge where you photograph the assigned week challenge. He said this would give him a chance to go outside of his box and work on his editing, style of photography and have fun. I have done these things with Jennifer in the past and she laughed and she warned him – I have all good intentions but never fully finish them – and me, not knowing she told him this – I warned him and he laughed at me. I won’t even go into the defense conversation I had with her about working, worrying about 2 kids plus Andrew all the time and having a life but it fell on deaf ears.

But I took the challenge and Andrew and I came up with some basic guidelines and here we are. Week 1 of 52 Weeks.
The Challenge –
Portrait: Self Portrait – Start things off right with a “selfie”! Explore the self timer setting on your camera.

For me, this not only meant the timer on my camera but would give me a chance to really try out my new camera that is still less than 2 months old, try out a new light set up which meant I get to go into the studio for myself and be the one in front of the camera and have at it.

This. Was. Not. Easy. I had to come away with something that would work for this week, so I only gave myself an hour to get the shot. Getting my camera to focus on something that wasn’t there was my biggest challenge – otherwise the camera would not take the photo. I finally put a box in front that the camera could acknowledge and as I ran over to the chair to get into position (10 seconds) I was throwing the box to the ground. It probably will give you all a great laugh, I did extra care on my hair that day and by 5:30pm my hair was so dry and crackling looking, I really didn’t want this photo. Not even finished with Week 1 and I’m already done with this project. NEXT!

I spent the next 30 minutes – adjusting the settings, setting the timer, running, throwing the box, cheesy smile and then doing it again. I even have a sample below of some of the images and how they turned out – most of the time extremely dark or wayyyyyyyy blurry.

At this time, Andrew has already sent me some samples of his self portrait, and I love his first shot but I think he went with a second version and he will be posting his completed assignments on his Instagram account, but I plan to show some of his work here on my website too. You can follow him at: @candela_studios. Now – I cheated. He used a mirror so at the last minute I went with what I know and not fighting with a light set up or timer and used the studio mirror. It’s breaking the rules of the challenge already but sometimes it’s ok to break the rules. For the most part, I did do the assignment, I just like the mirror image better.

So here is a behind the scenes look of what I worked on – not my finest hour ever… but grow as you learn. I look forward to our challenge next week – Landscape! We have decided if we are in town together we will work on our challenge together and since the Mr and I will be in South Dakota visiting Jennifer and Andrew for Thanksgiving, Andrew is already finding our landscape location!

Seniors Features will move to Monday!

Andrew’s Week 1 Challenge

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