Week 2 – Landscape: Traditional Landscape
Shoot a beautiful landscape and share it with the world. Find a nice foreground and don’t forget the sky.

As you might see, rules are meant to be broken. I not only forgot to get the sky but this week’s challenge was shot at night, but it sure was beautiful.

For the Thanksgiving Holiday’s, my husband and I decided to go visit our oldest Jennifer who is living in South Dakota. She loved her college so much (and they love her) she’s still there working for the University of South Dakota band being the choreographer for the colorguard and baton twirlers and a local high school band choreographer for their colorguard. Boyfriend Andrew, now a student at USD is there and both of them had to work the Black Friday sales, so we went to them. This gave Andrew and I a chance to work on our Week 2 Challenge together. He found the place – Falls Park, a public park surrounding the city’s falls. Through it runs the Big Sioux River and it includes a café, observation tower and the remains of an old mill. He said that with the holidays the falls would be lit at night and would be pretty so I suggested we check out the best place to go during the day and then go back at night. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll see that Jennifer and I got a cell phone photo right before we left during the daylight.

We ran a few errands, went back to our hotel and relaxed and then headed back out in the evening to get our night photo in. EVERYONE from Sioux Falls was there… and the tree’s were all decorated for the holiday’s, Christmas music was playing – it got you into the moment… and though it was cold, we were out there for about 45 minutes getting our favorites.

I focused on trying the different lens that I own and a little bit of long exposures but I wanted to follow the rules – landscape so I worked on getting as much of the falls into the photo even if other people were in the shot. They were enjoying the moment too.

Andrew (@candela_digital_studios) focused on long exposures and he had bought a steady cam for video so he was working on videography as well.

In the end – this is my favorite of my photos (ISO:250 50mm f/2.8)

Andrew sent me his 2 favorites, asking for a little input and I loved them both. The day photo shows you what you are not seeing at night and is actually a little higher up the path from the ones at night so this area is pitch black in the evening. His night photo is a focus on long exposure and even at 6.0 seconds… that’s long. So with his photo you can even see the changing of the lights. (ISO:1600 35MM f/29 6.0sec)

You can see with our different lens and settings that even in the same place, and at times we were standing next to each other – we get different outcomes which is why I wanted to try this challenge with Andrew when we are in the same town together.

Hope you are enjoying our 52 Week Challenge!

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