This fun paced senior season I am excited to add a few schools to my list of photographed seniors. Maddie is from Rangeview High School. She has a long history with me, I have known Maddie since she was in 1st grade. I won’t embarrass her (or me) as she was one of the very first people I photographed when I was starting out. I’m pretty sure that day was my ‘starting out’. Maddie and her brother played in the park while i just snapped away… pictures that mom would treasure but I think both Maddie and I would cringe at now. I say that with total love because she trusted me a few years ago to take some fun photos of her to use for her run for President of her Class at her school and I guess she liked me enough to have her senior pictures for 2018. yeah… I like her a lot too!

Maddie is going places – running for president of her class, she’s the high school yearbook editor (LOVE), she participates in the Rangeview Drama club and she’s always promoting cool events on her social media accounts, she has a love for her school and what is going on within her school. If I recall, she’s still with Girl Scouts and she is close to wrapping up her Gold Award, which is similar to earning Eagle with Boy Scouts. If I remember right, only about 5% of all girl scouts finish the entire program so go Maddie – you rock!

So I was totally excited to photograph her again – come back full circle and show this beautiful girl all grown up! I loved her session because she has such a cute smile and every time I said “get serious” she busted into the giggles. She proudly wanted to show the yearbook that she had worked on the year before and she was just so much fun to hang out with. But don’t let my words tell you that – check her session out: