I’m excited to brag up on Amanda this week on the website! Amanda is a 2018 Legend senior and is also the Assistant Drum Major to the Legend Titan Marching Band! I did a quick count and she is my 3rd Assistant Drum Major to photograph! I think the Drum Major role with the band is the coolest thing to do but I know it’s got to be one of the hardest as well, the discipline to lead your band onto the field and making sure everything goes ok must be very stressful. I have watched Amanda from the sidelines – she handles the stress like a poker face… she is always smiling, she must have a Royal Flush!

To be a Assistant Drum Major – you must play an instrument and she plays the flute (I did too in high school!) so with the love to the Guard (my daughter) and the Trumpets (my son) the flutes are my next favorite… but I don’t have favorites… When talking with Amanda about her session, she opted for what I call the Parker Tour, a more structural architect background for her session and I love her images that we took near the Parker Library. I fell in love with the area near the Parker Ice Trail at Discovery Park and she told me she worked there during the winter when it first opened… how cool! I need to do a fun session over there (when it snows)!

Here is Amanda’s senior session… notice she too got a photo with the paper cranes at the studio! You never know what we’ll do there!