Oh my gosh.. this senior. THIS girl! Her haircut – so cute!! Let me tell you a little about Erin. I have known her parents for a long time – her brother was in boy scouts (Go Troop 88!) with my son so I would see little sister Erin in passing at events… then her mom called me and said she was a Senior this year. NO. WAY! Nu-huh. Not happening! She shows up to her session and she’s just cute as ever, with this cute pixie cut and so tall! It was so much fun getting caught up with her parents and Erin! We rocked her session – totally loving her places that she selected, her fun attitude and then going over to her home to get photos with her cat. Pets were a huge part of a lot of my sessions this year and that is so awesome. It’s not only what we do in school but who surrounds us that helps defines us, pets included.

Check out the sweet Erin!