Every year, there are a few seniors that I meet before I photograph them, that I know I want to photograph them… HAVE to photograph them. They instantly are on my wishlist for future cool photo projects… Leah was one of those seniors! Leah and her parents wanted to meet with me first before selecting me as their senior photographer and I was happy to sit down and chat with them and learn a little more about Leah before her session. Leah is my first senior from Rock Canyon High School, every year I photograph 1 or 2 students from other schools that are not in the Parker area and this 2018 Season, I photographed 4 additional schools! (WOOOO!) Other cool fun 1st facts with Leah… she wanted her senior session near a barn. We looked at a few places in the south metro Denver area and chose Columbine Open Space and Trail near Larkspur. This was a new location for me and I loved it and ended up photographing another senior session a few weeks later there and hope to photograph there again in the future.

Working with Leah was a blast, she went into poses quickly and knew just what to do when I was ready to grab the image. Columbine Open Space and Trail not only provided a barn but a small famer’s home that gave us some more fun photo options and yep… an old outhouse (it was clean) for some amazing photos of Leah!

So a little about Leah… her plans for after school is to go into the medical field in either physical therapy or work with new born babies. Her favorite part of her session was the studio session… I kid you not pretty much her mom, her Aunt and I were like crying her pictures were so stunning!

Check it out – the amazing Leah from Rock Canyon!!