This 2018 season I was fortunate to photograph 2 (TWO!) sets of triplets (3!). That was so cool! I think it’s also so ‘neato’ that all of them (6!) were in the Legend Titan Marching Band!! So you have seen the girls… now meet the guys – Connor is up first.

Connor has been a busy kid his high school years – 4 years Swim Team, competitive swimmer for over seven years with HRA, DSA and now Phenomena. His favorite stroke is the Fly and Back. He has made State all the years he’s been swimming, 11th in the State last year out of 506. Dude. That’s impressive. He also did 1 year Marching Band…electrical guitar…what else would he play?

His passion is guitar and U.S. History. During his session he talked about trips to Europe and learning history and now there is plans to go on a trip in the summer to Europe to see the allied war path during WWII.

His after school plan – is to study more on U.S. History at the University of Northern Colorado with a Secondary Teaching Degree (we need more of teachers!!) and continue swimming with UNC.

This guy (and his brothers) was so relaxed, at his session, nice to talk with and listening to what his passions were… solid guy. Totally solid.

So here is Connor’s session…