Meet Michaella who goes by Kayla… she is one of those few lucky seniors who happens to book her senior session on a rainy day… not once but twice! How is that lucky? Because I will still go out to the session and hope and beg that the rain passes us over and we will get some beautiful over-cast skies which helps creates beautiful images. The best part about over-cast skies is that there is no sun for squinty eyes or that it’s hot… of course we do have to take the humidity, rain and wind – but it’s something I can work with. Kayla and I first meet up during one of those days, it had rained earlier in the day so it provided some pretty pictures with water on the ground… but I had to cancel because the weather was threatening to open up and drop tons of water on us so we called it a session and rebooked…

Then we meet up 2 weeks later for another over-cast day but was able to get out for another few minutes and I told her I wanted this right that we couldn’t go 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there… we had to do a full hour together and get a good set of images for her.

With school now in session, she participating with the Legend Titan Marching Band, myself wrapping up other seniors and traveling… we won’t meet up for 2 months…which is now fall, leaves on the ground, crisp cool air – a totally different set and contrast of images come from this session and she also colored her hair!!

Hello Season Senior Kayla! This is the senior who comes in different times of the year and we get a variety of different weather images.

So if this busy girl isn’t always in front of my camera in different times of the year she is also in marching, the symphonic band, wind ensemble, and pep band including National Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society! Love these band kids!

Here is the amazing Kayla and her seasonal session…what she loved about her session was being herself and when you can make a fun image that a senior can laugh at herself and call it a favorite… I have to share that fun side too!