What has been known as the “Dress Session” for years has been renamed to be known as “Prom with Susan B.”! Because this year I had guys at our special event and they were in suits! I had to change the name of my specialized session for them! I’m also very thankful they came out and I hope they had as much fun as I did and the girls!

This session has had a lot of event planning in the background, something that I have been working on all year long (already…2019 is in the works!) Location – somewhere exclusive, how about a rooftop that had a bit of Denver in the background… Timing – didn’t work totally in my favor as it had been snowing up to the event and so last minute notice of where and when, I wasn’t able to have everyone that was invited attend (make-up session for those coming soon) and overall Cool. It had to be something fun for everyone.

With this planning I was able to bring 2012 Legend Senior Matt J. with me, we had scouted out a location a few weeks earlier that wasn’t going to work for this session. A fire-fighter during the fire season for Yosemite National Park, he wanted to help out with because he thought it sounded like fun and give him a chance to work on his photography as well. I’m glad he came along – when he wasn’t helping me carrying in a 25 pound parachute… he was getting photos from different angles of the Prom session.

So each senior had an individual photo of them in their gown or suit, and ohhhh the dresses – to die for! And the guys? Made James Bond look ‘eh’ they looked so dashing! Then we took as many interesting shots as we could with what the rooftop provided. Lots of sun glare as this was the first day in a long time we had nice weather out (thank goodness!) and there is no shade on a roof! We then went to the parking lot where I brought out bubbles and silly string – a bad combination with seniors and nice clothes…I’m learning with this! But there was no damage to the dresses or suits… so what next? Well – it’s with me… so let’s include climbing on cars in nice clothes. When I realized we had 2 cool mini-coopers, a Jeep Wrangler and a H3 Hummer – this photo screamed epic to me. What I couldn’t wait to find out was… who was going to want to be near the hummer… there was quite a few takers. My shocker was seeing the guys STANDING on top of their car. Safe. Guys. Be safe. (we were).

Then with all these fun photos and starting to run out of time, the girls changed outfits and jumped into the ‘parachute dress’. Yep – 25 pounds of all pink! With a lot of counts of 1! 2! 3! and throwing the chute in the air, I caught images of the material moving in different angles that when you see the girls images most of them are 3-4 images combined to make the flow and movement. There is no moving around as again… 25 pounds. Thanks to Matt he climbed to a higher view and took some photos from a different view point. So cool. Very Cool.

So I want to say thank you to the Class of 2018 Madeleine, Chloe, Isabelle, Hunter, Pierce, Morgan, Emilie and Bella and to Matt (@mjohnstonphoto Instagram) for attending Prom with Me!

Check out their session!