The summer of 2017 was one for the books in the over-cast weather department. Sometimes that makes for great dramatic images, sometimes is makes for bad lighting images, its a balance I work with all the time but what I love most about it is no squint eyes. Because of our location near the Cherry Creek River we still have humidity which makes us hot, but I’ll take that over blazing hot sun any day. Add this type of day into 2018 Legend Senior Ally’s session and a dropped lens into the water and this will be a session I’ll never forget! Yep. Dropped lens. We’ll get to that in a minute.

It was a year of Seniors with their loved pets. Ally wanted her German Shepherd at her session and getting him to listen for a few seconds when all he wanted to do was play. His one floppy ear and one perked up ear made me laugh and want to take more photos. Ally and I talked about her goals for after high school, before the year started, she was already done and over and ready to move on to college. Usually at this point in time I get this a lot from seniors that they would prefer to just skip the senior year and head off to college. A quick glance at mom and I can usually see mom is not ready for that… thank goodness for the senior year!!

Ally and I are now near the Cherry Creek River, I did not have my amazing assistant Emilie on hand this day, so I in charge of my bag this day and I put it a little too close to the river, Ally is in the water, I switch lenses, put the one not in use in the bag… it doesn’t go in the bag properly and rolls out, rolls 1 foot and “PLOP”! INTO the Cherry Creek River it goes! I look at Ally, Ally looks at the lens IN THE WATER, I look at the lens and I go “It’s ok”. I fish it out the water (only half a foot deep) and we keep rolling. It’s not till after we are both away from the river that I really look at the lens and access the damage. Safe to say, this was by far one of my more cheaper lens, but a lens is a lens but I handled my shock pretty well. I soaked it in rice for a day, treating it like a cell phone… but was told a few weeks later when I updated my camera that I now have a pretty nice paper-weight and so treated myself to a new ‘used’ lens of the same type.

Safe to say – Ally was fine during the whole process, I have joked with her that I will NEVER forget her senior session EVER! So over-cast weather, puppy dog and dropped lens and all.. here is Ally’s amazing session…