When you look at the friends you have close and near to you, you count yourself very lucky. Having this family in my life – I am very very lucky. Meet the Johnstons. You may have seen them here before… they have 2 amazing kids – Matt, the oldest is a 2012 Legend Senior, who we meet when he was just a Freshman in high school in Boy Scouts with our son (Go Troop 88!). I attended all the meetings with dad Brad and my husband did all the camping with Brad and Matt. Then adorable Alex, 2013 Legend Senior, both their kids, the same ages our kids… lives blocks away from us, we all became friends. I have taken their holiday card photo numerous times. Now mom Joanne and I see each other monthly in a book club. I love having this family a part of my life!

So when Alex graduated from the University of Colorado Denver in December and had a celebration at her house my gift to the family would be some photos. This is when I would catch up with Matt and invite him to go along with me on my Prom Session and his shots from higher up were just AMAZING.

With Grandpa and Aunts and Uncles there, I captured the family in some of the same places I have photographed them before so they would have memories of then and now.. and with a tear (grab some tissues)- Alex and Matt all grown up!!

Lucky – that’s what I am. Lucky.