Each year I try something new with my senior sessions such as adding a studio, lights, locations that makes me stand out from the other photographers. Trying to make my senior portrait experience something very memorable in an awesome way. This past year I added “Old School” and I really didn’t like saying that as I like to be fresh and modern but this reminded me of old school photography so it came out that way. What’s interesting, these 2 shots – it’s not really old school, there are many schools that prefer this look today, my niece had her senior yearbook photos with this set up just 2 years ago.

So what is it? Well for my senior girls that came in for their studio session – I grabbed a yard of black tulle, warned them ahead of time to bring in a black tank-top or something black and for a few minutes wrapped the tulle around them, exposing one bare shoulder (tank-tops… love them) and would have them look at me (snap) and one at the light (snap). I always said “this might not work” but in the end.. it did! For almost every girl who came in, this was a hands down favorite. As I did this with each girl, I could easily tell which pose worked better with each girl and then editing afterwards, I made sure I didn’t go too old school but still kept it fresh and modern. With some of the girls, wearing their favorite dress instead of the tulle suited them even better the pose itself worked.

What seniors loved about the photo as they really got a chance to see a grown-up them. No jeans, shorts or fun shirts that they wear daily but something totally different – a classic look that is really timeless. What parents loved was pretty much the same thing but a captured moment of what they see in their girls as they get older.

I’m excited to offer this again to the girls who come into the studio, and I’ll be adding more than just tulle this year so they will have options but we will continue to capture that timeless look, keeping it always fresh and modern.

Here are all the girls who went ‘old school’ with me –