Hannah, Hannah, Hannah – adorable younger sister to 2015 Legend Senior Taylor! When we discussed her session and where she wanted to go, she loved what I did with Taylor that she asked to go back to the same location! I take that as a big compliment! But so that Hannah had her own session, I had to make sure things were done just a bit differently then Taylor’s so that she would have her own special session for her! On a small storm brewing afternoon in July we meet at 17 Mile House in Parker and we proceeded to get some amazing shots as I watched the storm get bigger and bigger. The wind whipped Hannah’s hair and though I was nervous that too much wind in the hair in ALL the shots is not a good sign, the images I was getting were spectacular! So just as we were wrapping up her session for the outdoors, we are just minutes from being rained on… I have Hannah sit on the fence so that I could get an image of what the storm was looking like that we were working in and this turned out to be one of her dad’s favorite photos (and mine)…

She also opted for the hair and make-up session – but wanted to have her hair done (the girls I photographed this year do an amazing job of their own make-up), due to conflict schedules with my HMU artists, Hannah went with her hairstylist for the outdoor session.

A few weeks later she came into the studio and we tried a few new things that I wanted to try and I brought in my newest prop that I have been having fun with which is a tulle dress. With layers and layers of tulle twined in strips it made for a cute fun skit to play in and all the girls who have come in have had fun in the dress. My goal within the year is to have a styled closet for seniors and glamour sessions to have some optional pieces such as tulle dresses, hats, jewelry to either accessorize what they have or try something new! The tulle dress was fun to play with and with our new vintage sofa in the studio – it helped set the style for Hannah and her session. Her selection of clothes for her session were just fashion model stylish and I want her to help me dress as cute as she is!

So here is her amazing session – crazy weather, cute tulle dress and all!