This week’s Senior is 2019 Legend Titan Jared B., active in choir and orchestra – I was able to capture a little of both his singing and cello playing specialties! What was so unique about his session is that the location we selected, which is one of my top 3 favorites spots in Parker, is normally very quiet and I can tell most clients that “I own it” as no one is usually there. It has a baseball field, a small park for kids but what is so unique is that every time you turn around at this park, you are either deep in the woods that people think we have gone up to the mountains or we turn and we are in standing on grass and we are in a local suburb neighborhood. It offers so many options! On this night with Jared, the Rocky Mountain Model A Ford Club also happened to show up for a picnic and there must have been 20 classic Model A Ford cars in the parking lot. Shocked a little, but we were still able to get Jared session in and I told him that we should ask if we can borrow one of the cars because he happened to wearing a fedora hat and bow tie that would perfectly fit in… and his dad talked to them! He knew one of the owners and he brought over his 1936 Ford with the Flying Quail car over for us and we rocked Jared’s session out with a classic senior in a classic car! You just never know what you will get with a Susan B. Senior Session!

Jared then came into the studio and with that amazing fedora hat and bow tie, we again rocked his session out – trying something new that seniors are wanting, is a composite photo of Jared sitting in a loft with his cello. Everyone loved the photo at his session ordering but we are going to actually change it up when we print it and this time we will be printing it on wood! I will be adding wood products to my line next year as Jared’s parents had a printed piece from their other son’s senior photos and this is something I normally don’t do but I’m excited to add to my line! This is how I got into Canvas and Metal is from a Senior asking me “Can you?” Yep!

Here is Jared’s amazing session – singing (YES! SINGING!) playing the cello and rocking out in a 1936 Ford!