I’m pretty excited to share this session with everyone… well every session I’m always excited because I get to do something different at each one! With Aiden, I was able to try something really new that other photographers are starting to work with is composite backgrounds. Once mom told me he really like to video game I knew what I wanted Aiden to do at his session with one pose and that was do nothing. NOTHING! But first we had to get the outdoor session which I got to know him better, to be truthful – I met him a long time ago, his Uncle was the first wedding I photographed and Aiden would have been around 7 or 8 so I didn’t really know him “know him” back then.

Once we got into the studio, getting the cool, laid back, relaxed Aiden was easy. Asking him to pose and do nothing prompted laughter and after a few attempts of doing “nothing” I got what I wanted. You have seen the Loft photo of 2019 Jared, but you can thank Aiden because it was the Call of Duty scene that has caused all these cool backdrops. Cool. Wicked Cool.

Aiden Cool –