I have been patiently waiting to post this session… there is so much to say about this senior I’m not even sure where to begin! First – he’s the baby of the family of seniors I have photographed. This means a lot to me in so many ways to photograph everyone in the family! Big brother Ben (2014 Ponderosa HS Senior) and big sister Liz (2016 Ponderosa HS Senior). Second – his family and our family go back a long way with Boy Scouts – Troop 88 of Parker, Colorado. Big brother Ben was in the troop when my son was in scouts, so dad and I are long time friends, but Andrew was just in elementary school when I knew him. I didn’t see him much but he tagged along on family scouting events so I would see him from time to time. Third – this means he’s in band! Big siblings Ben and Liz were in the Ponderosa band so I was excited to hear that Andrew was too, which meant more cool shots with his instrument… but what flew me to the moon was he wanted something a little different and asked me if I was open to photographing him as a Life Guard which was his summer job at a local pool. Would I? Would I?!?!?! Oh YES I would!!

So after a summer of extreme hot days, Andrew’s session was one of the record breaking days so no amount of waiting for it to cool off was happening, we captured his senior photos, some band and boy scout shots and then headed over to the pool he worked at and in just those few moments there I captured some Life Guard shots. Cross that off my list of Senior types! Seriously! I have a list of Senior types that I want to photograph and this was on that list.

What made this session so fun – I asked if he would jump into the pool and I think it was dad that actually suggest that we push Andrew in and Andrew was totally up for it. You can see in the animated image that I created of him being pushed in by dad…. dad was having wayyyy too much fun on this part. But for Andrew – how often can a senior say that some of their senior pictures is being pushed into the water?

Ok – so here you go… Andrew. 2019 Ponderosa High School Senior!