Meet the lovely Samantha – 2019 Legend Senior. A girl after my heart, she’s from New Mexico!!! Every year I get one or two seniors that makes my job super easy. I enjoy photographing everyone and I can quickly figure out a senior’s mood / vibe but the senior that I call the ‘muse’ – we work really well with each other. They can move quickly within the shot and I find myself taking more photos because I just want one more and one more and oh wait… one more shot! This was Samantha’s senior session. She asked if we could do something a little different and go to a record store for some photos. Yes please! I wanted to try something different, have seen online other variations of senior sessions in a record store, now’s my chance. How can you not fall in love with a senior who has the love for vinyl records??? She picked her favorite location – Twist & Shout. We found her music – “Rock” and with the cutest outfit that fit a shopping moment in a record store we got what I wanted. Of course after a session like this I always reflect on what I should have done to make it better but totally excited with how they turned out but I can’t wait to try this again.

She then brought the family jeep that she drives often and I feel like I was with my soul mate. Ok – a little on the dramatic side but come one.. a JEEP! I captured this music fenzy, jeep’n, tom-boyish girl in photos and she is so cool… then she comes into the studio and brought her girl look and with hair blowing all model like, she just took her senior session to the moon. BOOM – drop the mic. Her session was amazing.

So with all this hype… check it out. Samantha. BOOM.