Lauren is this week’s featured senior – another muse model that I feel in love with! She has gorgeous long legs and beautiful red hair and the most dazzling smile! Lauren doesn’t realize it yet but I entered one of her amazing photos to 2 different image contests – one of her images showed up in the judging, which is done in rounds (see last year image submissions) and she has made it to Round 5 out of 12, round 6 will start tonight… way to go Lauren!! It is amazing images such as Lauren’s that I believe are gorgeous enough to be voted and scored against other amazing photographers. She’s amazing! She really killed it with stylish outfits that made her look ultra chic. Of course – she wore an all black outfit that when in the studio and outdoors I had her stand in a power stance – Boss Girl and she owned it! Her cover image, which is known as the ‘coffee window’ was something I have been working on, a little shocked how dirty the window was – but with her Boss Girl look – it was quickly a favorite of hers and mine!

Lauren. Boss Girl. Boom.