Happy Father’s Day 2019!


From the Urban Dictionary – Dad: The true man in your life that is their for you. Your Dad may also be your Father but your Father may not be your Dad. Your Dad loves you, comforts you, supports you and helps you. Your Dad is someone that you should be able to respect (even if at times you don’t show it).

And what is really great about dads? They have their own one-a-day-calendar of bad dad jokes. That’s 365 days of bad dad jokes. I don’t even think mom’s have that many bad jokes to tell – but dad’s do, we have that calendar!

It’s fun to look back at my sessions of the year to look back at the images and see who was there and I don’t have a lot of dad’s at sessions but this past year was great for dad’s on location with us!

To all Susan B. dad’s of 2018-2019, Thank you!

To my husband who is amazing with our 2 children who have grown to be adults that we are both so proud of! We will be gaining a son-in-law within the year. Your love, guidance, structure, support have made them be who they are and I love you!

Susan Baggett
Susan Baggett
Located in Parker and serving the Denver and Colorado Springs, CO areas with a specialization in custom portraits for high school seniors and modern glamour photography. Favorite things? Coca-Cola and Doritos. Bring those along to our next session and we’ll be best friends for ever!