With the wrap up of 2019 Seniors on the website completed and scheduling of 2020 Seniors coming in, I have a few sessions that are not senior related to share. We have one of my first families to feature that I photographed around Thanksgiving break and on a really cold day too but we had fun and have some amazing images. The Mays family and I met up at my favorite park in Parker, dressed for the winter in gorgeous blacks, grays, reds and plaids that blended amazing with the family. We created individual shots, family, mom and dad, siblings (Class of 2018 Emma leading the way) and just mom or dad with the children. We have to move quick as it’s cold and if they are cold, you know I’m cold too… but it’s fun trying to get everyone to look like it’s another ‘warm’ day in Colorado when we are watching flurries of snow drift down from the sky. One of my favorite images from the entire session was at the end, I always check to make sure I didn’t miss a special shot that needed to be created and Emma suggested a fun shot that they ‘photo-bomb’ mom and dad behind a tree… it may sound funny but when you go for it, everyone is laughing and excited for the turn out on it, you can’t say no to this moment and you know it will be a favorite with everyone. We nailed it!

You may notice a small large change – recently I have had issues with my website and I have done a review on how things are shown and laid out. Being the cautious web designer by trade, I want images to download quickly so my older sessions were at a smaller size, then over time the internet has become faster with downloading, displaying of images and I went a size larger… well it is time to do it again and going forward, images from sessions will be larger and I feel that they are almost larger than life!

Check out the Mays family and be right there with them! 🙂