Wikipedia describes headshots has a modern (mostly digital files) portrait where the focus is on the person. The term is usually applied for professional profile images on social media, the ‘about us page’ or for a corporate website and promotional pictures. When I’m contacted for headshots it’s usually for a new job or an update to a previous headshot. This brings Misty and Philip in. You might recognize Philip, I photographed him 2018 when he started out with his new real estate license and needed some images for his business cards, website and marketing materials. Misty, his adorable wife recently attained her real estate license as well and they are both working as a team “Candela Real Estate” for Equity Colorado, they needed team headshots.

If they both look familiar, you’ll see their son 2016 Ponderosa Senior Alexander resemblances. If the names sounds familiar, they are also the parents to Andrew, their oldest son who recently became engaged to our daughter Jennifer. Family.

When posing them for their headshots, we went with a variety of different poses. A few photos of Misty of herself for marketing purposes if needed. Philip wanted a pose of them with their backs to each other, I suggested a few with them looking into each other which also made for a nice photo for their boys to have of mom and dad and then we captured a few casual shots with their business jackets and they selected this image for their marketing materials. Serious, but relaxed and casual together.

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