When a senior suggests a location that is near and dear to them, I am totally up for the location. It gives them a unique, one-of-a-kind session that other seniors will not receive, which then makes the next senior session special to them. When Marisa (younger sister to 2016 Legend Senior Jill suggested that we go near her favorite hang out, Fika Coffee House, I knew we would capture some great ‘Marisa moments’. I also loved that this location was also close by to her community pool so I told her near the end we would capture some water images. If you know me… where there is a senior and there is water… if they are ok with it, they are in it! I don’t think the Wicked Witch of the West would like me so much!!!

With Marisa’s drawing pad, pencils and Fika drink in hand, we got it all. Then with a playful hat that was given to me for a prop, Marisa splashed in the water to cool off from the hot day.

Love love love her session: