I can now add Douglas County High School to my list of schools that I have photographed thanks to 2020 Senior Mason, my list is growing!

This guy is amazing. I’m not even sure if the word “amazing” is the right word to use but it’s close. Mason’s dad called me in late September for senior portraits. I had pretty much closed the season down but he was a referral of 2018 Ponderosa Senior Morgan, I could not turn this down and when his dad told me that Mason was actually a Junior who would be graduating a year early, I had to make his senior year special with portraits!

This guy… Mason… has been going to summer school every year since his Freshman year so that he could plan to graduate early and head off to college. I can’t even image having the idea in my 9th grade year to think of such a concept to go to summer school every year and the possibility of graduating early… but Mason did and he’s doing that right now. How awesome. How brilliant. Go Mason!

I present to you- 2020 Douglas County High School Senior – Mason.

Early Graduate