I present the last of the 2020 Seniors from Susan B. Photography – Legend high school senior Bryson. This is one of those amazing students that does it all – school, football, extra-strength training for football and works a part time job. Needless to say when Luther College in Iowa signed Bryson on, they know they are getting the real deal with this guy. Bryson also happens to be the younger sibling to another favorite senior of mine – his sister Emilie (2018 Legend H.S. Senior), can’t say enough how I love to photograph siblings, I get to see how the family is doing.

When you view the favorites from Bryson’s session (always favorites from what they ordered and a favorite or two of mine) you will see there is more football shots in this. I have photographed a few other football players before, but never had the chance to have them in uniform. Bryson insisted and I did too.. that we have some in uniform. For the outdoors, after we captured the required yearbook photo – we headed over to the high school and captured Bryson in his ‘zone’ on the field. When he came into the studio, I asked for the uniform again and he not only brought both the home and away game uniforms, but he brought the home team uniform fresh from a game the night before. To say the least, sister Emilie said it was not “fresh” but the dirt did give some texture to the images.

I was able to try one of my new photo techniques again – the Epic Poster. This is a composite photo on either a background, Bryson was in the ‘Locker Room’, or a composite of numerous photos. This is truly a poster – as I print it large (24×36) through a poster company. When I say my seniors are stars… they really are, they have the poster to prove it.

Here is to the Class of 2020 – Bryson.