Welcome to the Susan B. Photography 10th Edition Mother’s Day Special!

Mom is someone who loves unconditionally and places the needs of her children above her own, on a personal level, and not only with words, but also actions. So here is to the Mom’s of little wee ones and Mom’s of soon to be graduating from college children, Band Mom’s, Theater Mom’s, After School Activities Mom’s, Mom’s who gave up hours of work to be with their child for their Senior session, had lunches with me and told me all the amazing things about their children, cried with me over our children’s accomplishments and so much more… you are amazing.

I raise my margarita to you. You have such amazing children and they are so blessed to have you as their mom.

and a call out – “Happy Mother’s Day” to my mom….

Here is to my 2019-2020 most beautiful Mom’s that I have worked with, I love you all!