Starting off with a refresh look of the Susan B. website – and we end with the last Legend Senior of 2020 with Zachary. I have known Zach since he was way little. His older brother was in boy-scouts (Woooo Troop 88!) with my son so Zach was a tag-a-long to many events when it came to scouting and attending family events. When he stepped out of his truck and towered over me, and all I can remember was this little 1st grader running around – old age on me stepped in again. Ya’ll stop growing up on me! He just achieved Eagle Scout recently and plans on majoring on zoology (wicked cool) next fall.

I captured Zach as cool as can be. His truck, his pride and joy is raised up (I would need a step ladder to get in) and loud (just the way it should be for a teenager) and capture him sitting in and around it was just so crazy fun – I love taking photos of seniors with their cars.

Congratulations Zach!