Let’s Talk Props: BAND


10Let’s Talk Props: Band

I created a variety of PROPS articles with samples of props in use. This post is on band. I love the band! I played flute in high school, my children – Jennifer was in the Orchestra both violin and the bass, and in band with the Colorguard. Dustin played the trumpet. I like to try new cool edgy posing, editing and styling with band students because it is a huge part of their high school life with the hours they put in. Here are just a few of my favorites from PROPS: Band Edition.


One of my first band students when I started my photography brought almost every instrument that he played with him to his session. There were times he joked that he forget an instrument for the session. This picture pretty much summed who 2012 Legend Senior Jonathan was… the kid who plays a lot of instruments. Even to this day if you found his Facebook page, you’ll find recent videos of him strumming his guitar. Those who have been in band still have the music in them…
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8Got Quads?

I encourage all band students to bring their instruments with them to a session and if that is not possible, we bring the student to the instrument. 2012 Legend Senior Luke wanted his session up at the high school and lucky for us, the school was open so we were able to use his drum set and the school itself as a prop for Senior pictures.
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7Silhouette Trumpet

I’m always trying out new things. With 2012 Legend Senior Aaron, working in harsh sunlight gave me a chance to try a silhouette approach. This was a favorite of the Senior and mine and I want to do more of when the lighting is right.
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My own son Dustin (2013 Legend Senior) with his trumpet. He was all about the fedora hat, mom was all about the trumpet so we compromised. This would be an early version of the ‘Album’ that I create for seniors. Enough negative space to the side for wording or a look from the senior that if they were to make it big in the music industry, this is the image they use for their 1st album. (It’s in my contract…J/K).
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You can only do so much with a 6 foot pole and a 3 foot flag in a photo without out losing your senior. I have them toss them and they throw them so high the flag is out of the photo… but even with a simple pose, the flag can represent all that you did while in band. Go Guard!
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If there is one instrument that I photographed more band students of then any other.. it’s the Saxophone. It doesn’t help they come in a variety sizes, but I do. Over the years I have put more focus on the saxophone players, providing edgy looks for them. They are cool jazz players in my book…
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Dude. The Tuba’s. Let’s admit it.. those who play the tuba are wicked cool. That heavy instrument, in long parades, marching around in field shows, the lung capacity to make sound out of that thing? They. Are. So. Cool. This senior added an extra piece of coolness to playing the tuba by also being the Legend Drum Major for the 2013-2014 season. Trevor made this shot more about the instrument then about him.
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Sometimes the uniform for the senior is not marching band but concert or jazz band. For 2014 Chaparral Senior Matt – going into a 007 Bond look in a tuxedo for his senior session with his trombone is just what is needed.
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And then sometimes… it’s the bright pink cello case for Orchestra that takes center stage. 2014 Legend Senior Amanda stands proudly with her cello. I don’t think I can add any more to this one… it’s rocks!
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What for more Prop Sessions!