One of the last few sessions I did in 2019 was sisters Makayla & Morgan. Morgan is a 2018 Ponderosa Senior I photographed a few years ago, but it was older sister Makayla that did the search for a photographer that led her to me and told little sister Morgan to book with. Both now in college, they wanted to gift mom and dad a canvas of them with a few prints as a Christmas gift. Knowing their budget and what they wanted to purchase, I have established a ‘college fee’ for my seniors that come back to me for photos that are gifts to parents. There session fee is waived – I will work within their budget, helping them achieve the prints they want and I then photograph them in different outfits, poses that I will use for myself for either marketing or for print competitions.

Makayla and Morgan came to the studio, they wore outfits that mom and dad would know that was “them” and I asked them to bring a black shirt for each as I would pose them for another project I’m working on. All the bright, colorful images you see are those that they selected for prints for mom and dad and the black and white images are what I used for marketing “Generations“. I also submitted one of their photos to a print competition, which I bronzed in – putting me one more step closer in accreditation with The Portrait Masters.

Love their session – love Makayla and Morgan for coming back to me so I could see them again!