Well, here we are! The start of a new class – 2021! And to start this senior season off, I was with Legend high school senior – Abigail! My. Next. Door. Neighbor!!! I have been watching this young girl grow up for 15 years!! If mom and dad wasn’t crying at the session, I was!! I watched her go off to elementary school, get her drivers license and because she participates in the Legend Titan Marching Band, she gave me more reason to go out to football and basketball games, band performances to watch her play and support her! She knows to contact me for fund-raisers and here she is… a 2021 Senior. (pass the tissues please!)

So though there is no marching band right now, we knew with her session that we had to have a few photos with instruments because for the past 3 years, Legend Titan Marching Band was a big part of her life we had to get those in. She asked if she could have some photos with her mask on, as she wants to remember how it was years from now the requirement for wearing masks.

For my 2021 Seniors, I am selecting locations that are less traveled (walkers / bicyclists) so that we are not near a lot of people and we picked a cute park that had bridges, rocks, grass and so many options to capture this gorgeous senior.

Abigail, Abigail, Abigail… my 2021 Senior!